Teddy Horsley

The well-known Teddy Horsley story books by Leslie J Francis for young children are designed to build bridges between the young child’s day-to-day experiences of the world and major biblical themes and stories.

The latest Teddy Horsley titles include:

Teddy Horsley Feasts with JesusTeddy Horsley Feasts with Jesus
Teddy Horsley and his friends go to church to take part in a play about feasting with Jesus. The play tells the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand, Jesus’ last supper with his disciples and Jesus eating with the disciples after his resurrection. Teddy discovers that Jesus is with us today as bread is broken and shared.
Christmas Time with Teddy HorsleyChristmas Time with Teddy Horsley
Teddy Horsley and his friends go to church to perform a Christmas play. Starting with the Angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary, they act out the amazing story of Jesus’ birth. Also introduced is the idea that we can today offer the gift of our hearts as a response to God’s amazing gift of God’s Son.
Teddy Horsley meets Jesus DisciplesTeddy Horsley meets Jesus’ Disciples
Teddy Horsley and his friends go to church to take part in a play about Jesus and his disciples. The play tells the story of Jesus calling each of his disciples, saying ‘Come, follow me’. Each disciple has a special job to carry out for Jesus. Teddy learns that Jesus calls people today to be his disciples and to follow wherever he leads.

Other titles in the Teddy Horsley Series include:

  • The Windy Day - Teddy Horsley and the Holy Spirit
  • Night Time - Teddy Horsley feels safe at night
  • Lights - Teddy Horsley celebrates Christmas
  • Music Makers - Teddy and Betsy make music
  • Neighbours - Betsy Bear helps her neighbours
  • Explorer - Teddy Horsley wonders at God’s handiwork
  • Good Morning - Teddy Horsley learns to be thankful
  • The Grumpy Day - Teddy Horsley learns about forgiveness
  • Hide and Seek - Teddy and Betsy know God cares for them
  • Do and Tell - Teddy Horsley talks to God
  • Autumn - Betsy Bear learns about death
  • Water - Teddy Horsley and Baptism
  • The Sunny Morning - Teddy Horsley celebrates the new life of Easter
  • People Everywhere - Teddy and Betsy pray the Lord’s prayer
  • The Picnic - Teddy Horsley goes to communion
  • The Present - Teddy Horsley meets the Wise Men
  • The Walk - Betsy Bear senses God’s care
  • The Rainy Day - Teddy Horsley praises Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • The Song - Teddy Horsley sings a song of Creation
  • Ready, Teddy, God! Activities for Home, Church and School - Provides extensive information on the Christian education of young children, and exciting activities to support six Teddy Horsley stories.
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